Health office: 85% survival rate for kidney transplants

THE Department of Health (DOH) dismissed the public’s fear on the failures of kidney transplant operations.
In fact, it reveals an 85 percent survival rate of the patient once he will avail of the operation.

Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center Internal Medicine Dr. Josefina Luspian urged the public not to doubt the kidney transplant being conducted in the country, saying the patient has a high survival rate once his donor is a family member or a relative.

With this, the DOH officials directed patients to seek possible donors who are within the family, or a close relative for a more successful operation.

Luspian said charity package operation would cost P300,000, while the private operation amounts to P1 million to P2 million.

DOH presented to media Elaine Tee, a kidney transplant survivor, last December 11 as living proof of how successful the operation is being done in the country. Tee is a 56 year old woman from Dontogan, Sto. Tomas, Green Valley, Baguio City.

Tee testified that in 1998, she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Based on her diagnosis, her one kidney was already dead while the other was still functioning but only at 30 percent. She revealed the doctors removed her dead kidney and tried to save the other but they failed.

She then started her weekly dialysis.

In 2001, she availed of the kidney transplant. Her donor was her first son. Tee said after the operation, her life got back to normal. However, she said she now watches her diet unlike before.

Meanwhile, 39-year-old Dorothy Tayad is undergoing dialysis twice a week because of her end stage renal disease.

She said she was diagnosed with the illness in 2003. Since then, she started her weekly dialysis until now. She attempted to have a kidney transplant but her donor’s physical examination failed because he too has a kidney problem.

Tayag said she is now contented with her weekly dialysis and has no plan of availing of the kidney operation after her donor failed.

DOH–Cordillera Renal Disease Control Program Coordinator Shelly Aral revealed a total of 245 cases of kidney failure listed from January to September 2012. Among the 245 cases, 197 patients are from the Cordillera, while 48 are from the other nearby regions.

She said a total of 138 are men and 107 were women. She added 240 patients are 19 years old and above, while five patients are 19 years old and below. She said the youngest they diagnosed is a 16 year old patient.

Aral disclosed an increase of the illness from 186 cases (2008) to 290 (2011).

The program coordinator said the top three causes of kidney failure are hypertension (52 percent), diabetes (24 percent), and glomerulonephritis (17 percent) or known as infection.

She said the cause of their youngest patient’s kidney failure is diabetes, aside from her family having a background of the disease.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

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