HMC performs third successful spousal kidney transplant

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Dilip, alongside his wife (seated), being greeted by the HMC medical team on his hospital bed.

A team of surgeons from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) have successfully carried out the third spousal kidney transplant in Qatar.

The patient, 42-year-old Nepali national Dilip Kumar, was brought to the Emergency Department at Hamad General Hospital (HGH) suffering from kidney disease in 2012 and had been on dialysis since then.

His wife, Maya, agreed to become his donor and was deemed fit for surgery after thorough investigations in both Nepal and Doha.

One of the attending physicians, HGH senior consultant transplant nephrologist Dr Omar Fituri said donations from spouses and other family members were the safest transplants for both the donor and recipient.

“Patients who are on the waiting list should avoid going abroad for a commercial transplant as not only is the donor unknown but the centre of transplant also needs to be of the highest standards,” he said.

“One of the most important factors during an organ transplant surgery is the patient’s ability to co-operate mentally, physically and emotionally with the transplant team. Dilip was a good patient and attended all his appointments and tests on time. Both Maya and Dilip were very co-operative with the team which helped make this surgery a success,” he added.

Qatar Organ Donation Centre (Hiba) director Dr Riadh Fadhil said that donation between spouses was known as an “emotionally related donation” and was different from blood-related donation.

“In such cases, although tissue match is partial, the advancement of medicine and facilities has enabled us to do safe transplants of this kind,” he explained, adding: “Until now, all spouses who have undergone transplant surgery in Doha are in good health and back to work.”

He said: “We encourage all our patients on the waiting list for kidney transplantation to look for donors among their relatives as this is not only safe but is also faster than waiting for a deceased donation.”

Dr Fadhil said that Hiba had an excellent transplant record with zero mortality rate and excellent transplant outcome in contrast to patients who got their transplant abroad and had returned with serious complications.

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